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West Metro Softball League Rules


Please be aware that there are inherent risks to participating in any athletic activity. West Metro Softball does not provide insurance for the participants of our leagues. As a result of participation in the league, each player assumes all liability and risk of injury. It is strongly recommended that each player obtain medical and liability insurance prior to participating in West Metro Softball.


Players must be 17 years or older to play with West Metro Softball.


Substitutes are allowed during regular season games.  Unless cleared with West Metro Softball Board leaders, substitutes are not allowed to participate during the End of Season Tournament--only each team's registered players will be allowed to participate during the tournament.


Photographs and/or videos may be taken by league organizers, league sponsors, and/or those persons retained by West Metro Softball for marketing purposes. Photos may be shared in electronic, social and print medias. 

West Metro Softball assumes permission to use images in promotional publications, on its Website, on social media channels, in local newspapers, in videos and/or awareness publications, unless prior written notification rescinding this authority is given by the West Metro Softball player.

Images, photos and/or videos may be used to promote the league and any of its offerings in the future. No compensation will be provided to the subjects of the images, photos and/or videos.

Game Rules


All games and umpires follow updated USSSA rules.


Infield fly rule is in effect for all games.  Each batter is allowed one courtesy foul. The count is 3-2 (3 balls = walk,

2 strikes = out).


Legal pitches are required to have an arc measuring 3-feet above the release point, with a maximum arc of 10-feet.


In accordance with USSSA rules, the stealing of bases is not permitted. Runners must remain on their occupied base until the pitch crosses the plate--leading off of a base or leaving early will result in the batter being called out.


Sliding is highly suggested and required in some situations. Runners who fail to slide and cause a collision with a fielder may be called out.


Unsportsmanlike conduct (including use of profanity, rough contact with another player, intentional confrontation, or challenging an umpire) may result in ejection of player, coach or spectator. Please be kind and courteous to everyone involved!


Regular season games will be 60 minutes in length (no new inning will begin after 60 minutes). Tournament games will also be 60 minutes in length (no new inning beginning after 60 minutes).


Teams need a minimum of 7 players to play a game. Teams with fewer than 7 players will have to forfeit their game, but may choose to scrimmage their scheduled opponent if both teams are interested in playing. Teams with 7-8 players are allowed to use a "dead catcher" from spectators or the opponent's team if the opponents agree. Teams with 9 players must provide their own catcher.

Equipment Regulations

  1. All bats must be USSSA certified and must show the USSSA stamp.

  2. Game balls are provided at each game.  Games are played with a standard 11" optic yellow ball with appropriate core and compression ratings for adult recreational play.

  3. West Metro Softball allows use of plastic cleats only - metal cleats are NOT allowed.

  4. Neither catching helmets nor batting helmets are provided by WMS.

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