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West Metro Softball, previously Golden Valley Women’s Softball, is a women’s softball league in New Hope fostering fitness, athletic competition, and community involvement. WMS was founded in 2015 by current co-presidents Allison Remple and Jessie Erickson.

The league began as an ambitious summer project to cultivate a group of gals to play weekly summer slow-pitch games. With only 25-30 participants the first summer, the recreational pick-up games left players wanting more, thus inspiring a full-fledged sports organization committed to providing a unique approach to women’s community softball. Today, West Metro Softball serves over 100 players each summer representing cities all across the metro area.

West Metro Softball seeks to inspire women to be active, take time for play as adults, and engage in their community. In addition, we are proud to partner with and support local businesses who positively serve our communities and players.

Join us this summer for our seventh season!




West Metro Softball strives to be an inclusive program providing opportunities for growth, leadership, and a sense of belonging to all athletes.


Positivity | Respect | Sportsmanship | Commitment | Development | Competition

Women empowering women through community and athletics.