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Welcome to West Metro Softball!

West Metro Softball is an all women's slowpitch softball league in New Hope, MN.  Formerly Golden Valley Women's Softball and founded in 2015, West Metro Softball serves women all over the Twin Cities. 

As women's slowpitch leagues have dwindled and disintegrated in many communities, West Metro Softball continues to grow due to our supportive and fun-centered culture, the opportunity to join the league without a full squad, our strong relationships in the community, and our unique and intentional approach to women's softball.

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Join us!

We encourage women of all ages and skill levels to join West Metro Softball. Here's our difference:

  • Registration Options: Depending on the league, players can register as full teams, in small groups, or as individuals. Bring your circle or come as you are, we have a place for all.

  • Self-Evals: Players who register in small groups or as individuals complete short self-evaluations of their skills and experience in our registration form. These are used to inform our process for creating teams in our Recreational League and providing free agent player information to team captains in the Gold/Silver League.

  • League Levels: We offer two leagues to accommodate a variety of skill and experience levels.

West Metro Softball offers two seasons each year (Summer and Fall) and games are held Tuesday and Thursday nights at several playing fields in New Hope.





Lower Recreational

Thursday Nights

Teams of all skill levels seeking a fun and recreational softball experience with low-moderate level of competition



C/D Level

Upper Recreational

Tuesday Nights

Teams of experienced and above average players seeking a competitive softball experience


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